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Golcar Remembers.

As we move into November many peoples thoughts turn to Remembrance day and paying respects for the hero’s of our services past and present. Terry O’Hagan, an employee of Playrite, knows better than most the sacrifices that affect peoples lives and is instrumental in his community in fundraising and honouring those in our armed services. […]
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The best sporting moments of 2014

As always, the year has flown by far too quickly. Though we’re not quite ready to call it a day for 2014, now is as good a time as ever to take a look back at some of the best moments of sporting events that this year seen. With The World Cup, The Ryder Cup and The Tour de France to consider, it’s been rather difficult to whittle it down – but we think we’ve cracked it. Do you agree?
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Artificial grass at the Women’s World Cup 2015

Artificial grass has hit the headlines this month with a group of female football players filing a lawsuit over the surface for the Women’s World Cup. The players have claimed sex discrimination over Fifa’s decision to use synthetic pitches during the event, while the men’s World Cup tournament have always been played on natural turf.
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Athlete Profiles Infographic

Have you ever wondered how tall the average footballer is? Or how much a professional rugby player weighs? How about the typical salary of a world class cricketer? Our recent infographic answers all of these questions and more, taking a look at the average sportsman statistics of five of the UK’s most popular sports: football, […]
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The roots of artificial grass

Nowadays, you’d be hard pushed to find a sports club, school or stadium that hasn’t dabbled in artificial sports surfaces. That’s because people are realising more and more how effective, durable and low maintenace synthetic turf is, and how it’s often a much better solution than natural grass. So where did it all begin?
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Employee of the month – July

Belated congratulations to our employee of the month for July, Lynne Hoyle. Lynne is our sales office supervisor and our longest serving member of the team. She has been working hard over these busy summer months to make sure that every aspect of our sales office is running smoothly and that customers continue to receive […]
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The whole nine yards

When it comes to artificial pitches, we go the whole nine yards. Not only is a Playrite surface ideal for the area of play at sports grounds, but the perfect solution for the parts surrounding. The main area of the pitch isn’t the only place that experiences heavy footfall. Players, coaches and officials make up the high traffic that treads around the perimeters of a field, not to mention the media, who are prone to a bit of trampling! This means that the turf needs to be just as hardwearing as the main area of play.
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The Commonwealth Games 2014: multisport games and multisport surfaces!

The Commonwealth Games 2014 are well underway and we’re delighted with England’s success so far. With 105 medals – 38 of which are gold – we’ve hit the top of the table, and will certainly gain more in the final few days. As England triumphs in Scotland’s biggest ever multisport event, it only seems appropriate to take a closer look at multisport surfaces.
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Infographic: Sports Surfaces and Stadiums

Ever wondered about the world’s most expensive stadium? How about the highest sports surface in the world? Or what about required length of cricket wickets and tennis courts? We can tell you all of this and more! From statistics about sports grounds around the world to the size regulations of professional pitches, our infographic about sports surfaces and stadiums explains many facts and figures. It’s a must-read for all sports fans! If you like our infographic, be sure to share it with your friends…
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Employee of the Month – June

Congratulations to our Marketing Manager, Mandy Greenwood, for claiming the accolade of employee of the month for June. Mandy has worked extremely hard on producing some great marketing material lately including our brand new cricket leaflet. Devised to give cricket clubs the information needed to help them make a clear judgement of the beat surface […]
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