What you need to know about Playrite’s Hockey Pitches

Since the early 80’s, Hockey within Great Britain has gained a resurgence in popularity across all levels of the game, and with the success of Team GB at the London and Rio Olympics the game has expanded to include a number of variations to make it more accessible for players of all ages and abilities.

As the game has developed over the years, the technical requirements of hockey have to some extent evolved with the game being played at much higher speeds, resulting in games being played on Artificial Grass Pitches (AGP) as opposed to the traditional natural grass pitches.

According to Great Britain Hockey, the sport’s governing body, in England the game is played on over 1000 sand filled or sand dressed pitches and a further 65+ water based hockey pitches.

Pitch Dimensions
A hockey pitch is rectangular and measures 91.40metres in length by 55 metres wide with a 4 metre run off at each side-line and a 5m run off at the back-line.

Playrites’ Hockey Pitches

Tournament EL

Tournament EL is an excellent playing surface for sports, available with inlaid lines to mark out a range of different sports. A great all year round product that will maximise your sporting needs to full potential.

This surface uses monofilament fibres to meet FIH standards and comes with a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty; however, we would recommend a Playrite shock pad to prolong the life and performance of the surface. As with any tufted surface, to maximise the pile designs a regular maintenance plan should be in place.

Tournament MF

Tournament MF is superior quality sand dressed tufted surface, designed with its unique texturised monofilament fibre to offer durability and comfort underfoot. Providing an excellent playing surface for sports such as hockey as well as being suitable for multi-sport use. Tournament MF is available with inlaid lines to mark out a range of different sports. Meeting EN15330 Part 1 and FIH performance the surface is ideal for a variety of ball sports including football. It is a great all year round product that will maximise your sporting needs to full potential.

We manufacture our own high-quality surfaces in the UK and can advise on the construction and installation of your surface, through our network of specialist contractors. By working with us you can find the right surface at a competitive cost.

About Playrite

Playrite is part of National Floorcoverings, a family owned UK business that has been operational since 1873, and we have been at the forefront of manufacturing sports surfaces for over 20 years. Playrite was derived to specifically fulfil a market niche developing a range of artificial surfaces specifically for sports and leisure.

We have a variety of hockey pitch options that are suitable for all players at all levels, whether you are an elite professional or playing after school. Providing a true, accurate ball roll, our FIH standard surfaces offer exceptional performance for all levels of hockey playing. A selection of our high quality hockey pitches are also able to support multi-use sport, these products are an excellent choice for those keen to play a wider range of sports on one pitch.

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