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Playrite’s artificial surface options meet the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) national standards, and offer exceptional performance for all levels of hockey


With a resurgence in popularity spanning all levels of the sport, Hockey has led the way to the introduction of various adaptations to make the game more inclusive for individuals of all ages and skill levels. This evolution has resulted in matches being played on sand fill or water based artificial surfaces rather than traditional natural grass fields.

Playrite’s artificial surface options meet the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) national standards, and offer exceptional performance for all levels of hockey, whether you are an elite professional or playing after school.

Designed to mimic the qualities of natural grass, our surfaces provide a true accurate ball roll. A selection of our high quality hockey pitches are also able to support multi-use sport, these products are an excellent choice for those keen to play a wider range of sports on one pitch.

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Our Hockey Surfaces

We have a range of artificial surfaces suitable for hockey, some of which can also support multi-sport use. This allows for a wider range of sports to be played and is available in a choice of either tufted or needlepunch construction.

tournament-el MUGA Pitch
Tournament EL
tournament-mf hockey pitches
Tournament MF

Advantages of an Artificial Hockey Pitch


Our artificial hockey pitches ensure a reliable playing experience no matter the weather. The construction of our surfaces allow for water to drain efficiently, so even after rain, a pitch can recover quickly.  This ensures players can train and compete consistently with minimal disruptions.


Playrite’s hockey surfaces are designed to mimic the qualities of natural grass, to provide a true accurate ball roll, consistent ball bounce, and anticipate player movement. These qualities can lead to improved performance as players can optimise their focus on technique on a more consistent basis.


Natural grass surfaces can become uneven and worn down over time, leading to potential safety hazards for players. With artificial pitches, the surface remains consistent and durable, providing a safer playing environment for athletes. The initial and ongoing costs involved with maintaining natural grass pitches is considerably higher, compared to thecosts involved for an artificial surface. saving money mowing, fertilising, and reseeding, allowing for the pitches to be played on more frequently without the need for downtime for maintenance, maximising the value and usage of the facility.


Quality is paramount at Playrite as such we offer a minimum 5 year warranty on all of our surfaces. Adhering to rigorous quality control standards, we ensure each surface meets our specifications for performance, consistency, and longevity, delivering unparalleled value and peace of mind to our customers.

Enviromental Credentials 

Artificial surfaces, especially sand-filled surfaces, are a more sustainable and practical choice for sports facilities aiming to minimise their impact on the environment while ensuring top-notch playing conditions for athletes. Unlike natural grass pitches, they do not need regular watering, mowing, or reseeding, conserving water resources. Additionally, they eliminate the requirement for harmful pesticides or fertilisers, further reducing environmental impact.

Why Choose a Playrite Hockey Surface

Manufactured in a range of fibre options

Available in tufted or needlepunch construction

Meets FIH national performance standards

Meets EN15330 standards


towcester sports surface hockey
towcester surface hockey - 2
towcester casestudy hockey 3
towcester hockey surface

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