Combining tennis, badminton & table tennis, Pickleball is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Played on a court that doubles as a badminton court, outdoor Pickleball court surfaces are typically a tufted or needle punch surface – these are simply two different manufacturing techniques. The main difference is that turfed surfaces have a higher ‘pile’much like a carpet.

Outdoor Pickleball court surfaces typically include a sand infill to help imitate the effects of a real grass court. Our indoor courts are all a needle punch surface, with no infill.

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Our Pickleball Court Surfaces

Pickleball is ideally played on artificial grass courts, as the surface offers more traction and bounce for the balls than natural grass courts. This type of surface also offers more protect on against injuries that could occur with concrete surfaces whilst easy to maintain all year round.

Our Pickleball Court surfaces can be supplied in a range of different colours to deliver a bright and vibrant pickleball court. 

Ideally suited for a Pickleball court, our Matchplay2 and Tournament MF surfaces meet the requirements for an artificial surface.

Indoor Pickleball Courts
Matchplay 2
tournament-mf hockey pitches
Tournament MF


We understand that clubs often have very limited voluntary support, which is why our tennis surfaces are designed to require a minimal amount of maintenance and are ready to use within as little as 30 minutes after rainfall.

Artificial courts are very simple to maintain, but it is important that you keep up with your maintenance on them to ensure that playing quality remains high.

With the right surface, players can enjoy a safe and enjoyable game of pickleball.

Why Choose a Playrite Pickleball Surface

A trusted UK manufacturer of sport, play and leisure surfaces

ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standards

Accredited by sports governing bodies and British standard agencies

Manufactured using a range of fibre options

Available in a range of colours

Meets EN15330 standards

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