Artificial Surfaces for Wheelchair users

According to Sport England “good facilities are fundamental to developing sporting opportunities for everyone” and since the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 this has become more evident with the increase of participation in all sports at all levels.

With over 7 million people within the UK having some form of mobility impairment, and the Disability Discrimination Act specifically requiring you to ensure that your sport construction does not in any way impede a person with a disability from enjoying their training, the need to specify the right products for your facility is paramount.

Here at Playrite we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of sport surfacing products for everyone, from grassroots community sport centers up to elite sporting facilities. In particular we are keen to ensure our products are suitable for all users, in particular those who use wheelchairs in grass based sports.

Protect your players

To ensure our products will serve the next generation of sporting greats, we submitted our Matchplay 2 surface for testing to determine the coefficient of friction when the surface is in use by wheelchairs.

Surfaces require coefficient of friction between 0.75 μ – 1.0 μ to be deemed suitable for wheelchair sports tests carried out by Labosport determined that Matchplay 2 had a rating of 0.96μ which deems it safe for wheelchair users and suitable for a number of sports including: Tennis, Hockey, Football, Netball & Basketball.

Artificial Surfaces for Wheelchair users

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