Playground Surfaces

Our playground surfaces can be specified to suit specific needs and budgets without compromising safety, with flooring suitable for early years in schools and nurseries.

Playground safety surfacing forms an integral part of any playground development. Playsafe offers a cleaner, safer and more durable alternative to most other playground surfaces. It combines limitless design options with impact absorbing materials that meet BS EN1177 and BS7188 standards.

Playrite playground surfaces also come with a minimum 5 year warranty, meaning that in the unlikely event of a repair being needed, it will be undertaken by our team of experts here at Playrite.

playsafe playground surface - 1
(Matchwinner Velour)

matchplay-2 playground surface - 5
Matchplay 2

Protect your pupils in the playground

We carried out comparitive player/surface interaction tests on our Matchplay 2 and a tarmacadam surface. Both surfaces were tested to determine their level of player/surface interaction capability in relation to falls & injury risk.

Tests prove that our Playsafe and Matchplay 2 playground surfaces have higher levels of shock absorption, slip resistance, impact attenuation and rotation resistance compared to Tarmac.

Tarmac vs Matchplay 2

Test procedure / standard Test condition Tarmac Matchplay 2 Variation What the results mean
Shock absorption EN 14808 Dry 3% 19% + 16% Matchplay 2 had a higher level of shock absorption, reducing the impact force of a body falling onto a surface.
Impact attenuation (hardness) ASTM F355 Dry > 500 Gravities 300 Gravities > 200 Gravities This assessed the peak acceleration/deceleration during an impact onto the surface, which was then used as a measure of impact severity. Matchplay 2 had higher levels of impact attentuation, which causes a less severe fall.
Rotational resistance EN 150301-1 smooth Dry 18 N/m 21 N/m + 3 N/m Under wet and dry condition, Matchplay 2 had higher levels of resistance to rotational movement of a smooth test sole in contact with the surface.
Wet 17 N/m 20 N/m + 3 N/m
Slip/skid resistance EN 13036-4 CEN rubber Dry 71 PTV 86 PTV +15 PTV This assessed the relative movement between the contact path of footwear and the surface. The Pendulum Test Value (PTV) defines the loss of energy as the rubber test foot slides across the test surface and provides a standardised value of slid/skid resistance. Matchplay 2 had a higher level of these resistances against the Tarmac.

Why Choose Playrite

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UK Made

Playrite manufactures needlepunch, tufted and woven surfaces, from its home in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

Expert Support

Expert support & guidance

With over 25 years experience manufacturing sports surfaces, we can support you with expert knowledge and guidance from concept to completion.


Excellent Quality

Our company has IS09001 and ISO14001 quality standards.  Our products are accredited by sports governing bodies and European standards for outdoor sports.

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Artificial grass has numerous benefits and can provide your club, school and home with a perfect surface to enjoy for years to come.

Benefit 1

Playrite manufactures needlepunch, tufted and woven surfaces, from its home in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

Benefit 2

We are BSI recognised and quality assured with all our products.

Benefit 3

There is a 100% warranty with all our products.

Benefit 4

We provide a 5-year warranty on all our products.



“The ball reacts well, it’s soft on the feet and most importantly, provides a good game!”

Bowerham Tennis Club


“The community council are delighted with the facility and know that it will encourage the locals to enjoy the outdoors and have fun whilst getting fitter.”

Talybont Community Council


“The surface is excellent and, now in its second season, plays as well as the day it was installed.”

Mr Baker - Odney Tennis Club


"The low maintenance and reduced replacement costs were a major factor in our decision. I have also been very impressed with the support from Playrite — providing case studies, reference sites, authorised fitters, and a place where we could test the surface.”

Paul Atkins - Wycombe House


“We decided we wanted a needle punch surface as our research revealed this would be the hardest wearing medium-paced product and would be a great surface for all ages and standards. Also, Playrite are the only company using green and purple which we wanted as my research told me purple is the polar-opposite colour to the yellow ball but also the colours look very good.”

Nigel Garton - Tennis World