The Benefits of 3G Rugby Pitches

Over the past 10 years, synthetic turf has significantly advanced and a debate has sparked over whether synthetic surfaces are better than natural grass. With many English Premiership Rugby Union teams using 3G pitches now, are they actually better than the original? Here’s why we stand with 3G Rugby Pitches.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Initial costs of 3G turf is much more expensive due to the complexity of installation. In order to start the installation, the surface would typically require full removal and disposal of the existing surface. For clubs, the initial cost isn’t much of a worry because of the benefits this can have in the long-term.

When installing a synthetic surface, specialist surfaces can be underlaid to provide added benefits. Usually, specialist shockpad tiles are used underneath to cushion a player’s body during a fall. This added protection and reduces the risk of injury during a game which helps matches run more smoothly.


Unlike natural grass, 3G pitches can be used all-year-round and can withstand much more than real grass. For rugby clubs that wish to train very regularly throughout the week, natural grass can become extremely muddy and hard to perform on. With synthetic surfaces, you’re able to perform your best all-year-round and have the guarantee that you can use it no matter what the weather.
If a rugby team is under intense competition, synthetic grass surfaces may be their only option. With the need for constant training, natural grass would begin to deteriorate. With synthetic grass, you won’t experience any bald patches, soft ground or mud.

Low maintenance

Despite 3G pitches being more expensive, they require much less maintenance and can be used much more often. Once you have payed the first initial cost, you will have to do small checks every so often just to ensure it is performing how it should be. The surface will only need to be cleaned, aerated and brushed once a year so you virtually never have to worry.
The only thing you will need to ensure is that litter and rubbish is picked up from your surface to prevent any contamination from algae or moss.

Potential for Revenue

If you find your surface not being used as often as it could be, renting it out to local teams or sports clubs can be a great business opportunity. This additional income can also help you pay for more upgrades for your club or community.
Due to 3G pitches being able to be used 7 days a week, you can get full use out of your surface – even if its not by your team.

Better Performance

Due to the advanced technology being put into artificial grass, performance has been increased so players can be quicker with their movements.
The rubber infills of synthetic surfaces enables the roll and bounce of the ball to be just as if it were real grass.

There are so many benefits to 3G rugby pitches and with more advantages given than natural grass – they are becoming incredibly more and more popular. At Playrite, our rugby surfaces are designed to be safe, durable and consistent which closely replicate the experience of a natural grass pitch. 

For more information on rugby surfaces please visit this page.

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