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What you need to know about MUGA Surfaces.

A ‘MUGA’ is a multi-use games area. They are approximately under 1500sqm and can accommodate a variety of sports.

Here at Playrite we offer 7 MUGA surface options, all with unique preference and playing characteristics.

Is a MUGA surface right for me?

When choosing a MUGA surface you need to consider a few things….

  • What primary sports will be played on the surface?
  • What level of sport will be played on the surface?
  • Is a low maintenance surface key to your decision?
  • How often will the surface be used?

Will you need a shock pad under your MUGA surface?

This will depend on the type of sport you are wanting to play on the surface. If the primary sports require a ball bounce, such as tennis and basketball then no shock pad will be needed.

However, if football is to be the primary sport, a shock pad will be needed. This will provide protection to players when they fall and will reduce ball bounce.


What times of year are suitable for using a MUGA surface?

A MUGA surface is an all-weather, synthetic sports pitch that can be used all year round.

Different surfaces will provide variable drainage options. Needlepunch is the most durable and will drain faster than a conventional tufted surface. It is not recommended to remove snow from your MUGA surface, however, it will thaw quicker than a standard hard surface.


How long will a Playrite MUGA Surface last?

Playrite offers a 5-year manufacturers warranty for any defects found in your surface. The smaller the surface, the more durable a surface you require.

On average, a well used MUGA should last around 7 to 10 years, depending on the size.


What colour designs are available for MUGA surfaces?

Tufted type surfaces are restricted to 3 colours; terracotta, light green and blue. However, our needle punch surfaces are readily available in 12 colours. If your facility requires a specific Pantone colour, this can also be considered.


If you’re looking to install a multi-use games area (or MUGA), we have all the products, experience and service you need. Our MUGA pitches are suitable for a range of sports including rugby, football, hockey, tennis, basketball and much more. Our solutions have been installed in a number of schools and sports clubs up and down the country as well as exported for use abroad.

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