All you need to know about Playrite’s Artificial Grass 3G Pitches

Here at Playrite Our synthetic all-weather solutions play just like the best natural turf pitches, but with much lower maintenance costs. So, here are a few things you need to know about our 3G surfaces.

What does 3G mean?

The name 3G simply stands for ‘third generation’ – a new type of artificial, all-weather pitch that is constructed with synthetic materials.

If you’re thinking of having an Artificial grass football pitch installed, we have many different options for you to choose from that can be tailored to suit your budget and your needs.


Tested to International Match Standard, all of our tufted 3G football surfaces are classified to FIFA equivalent, offering exceptional ball control, and maximum comfort underfoot.

They offer a very realistic bounce and ball roll, providing a playing experience that is virtually the same as when playing on grass. This type of pitch has even been used in UEFA Champions League games. In addition to its low-maintenance nature, our Artificial Football Surfaces are environmentally friendly, all-weather surface with eye-catching realism.

What options are available?

For 3G football surfaces, we offer six options with three different pile heights.

We will discuss your requirements with you to find the surface that gives the best playing experience for your needs.

What makes them play like a grass pitch?

The realistic feel of our pitches is created by using a tufted surface, with a sand and rubber infill. The surface is constructed with a ‘pile’, much the same as a carpet, and then infilled with sand and rubber, which gives the surface a very similar feel to a natural grass pitch.


3G pitches are cheaper to maintain than natural grass pitches, but you should still consider how you will manage the upkeep of the pitch and choose a surface that you can realistically manage to maintain. We can advise you on the type and level of maintenance required for each of our surfaces.


  • Manufactured using a range of fibre options.
  • Available in different pile heights from 40mm up to 60mm.
  • Classified to FIFA performance equivalent IMS classification.
  • FIH accredited.
  • Meet EN15330 standards.

We manufacture our surfaces in the UK and they are installed right across the country. Many have even been installed in other parts of the world.

So, get in touch with our team and have your own 3G surface installed today!

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