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Tennis Courts. What you need to know.

Tennis tournaments across the world are played on a range of different surfaces, each of which has its own characteristics that impact the match in a different way. …

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What you need to know when choosing your MUGA Pitch.

Our MUGA Pitch solutions have been installed in a number of schools and sports clubs up and down the country as well as exported for use abroad….

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Choosing The Perfect Garden Surface.

Strong and resilient, our Nearlygrass artificial turf range offers all of the best qualities of a lawn, but without the heavy maintenance….

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Choosing the right playground surface for you.

Whether the play area in question is a public park run by the Council, a school playground or even in the family area of the local pub/restaurant, minimising risk and the safety of the children that will be using it….

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What you need to know about Playrite’s Hockey Pitches

During the last 20 years Playrite’s artificial hockey pitches have provided exceptional performance for all standards of hockey, from competitive hockey at a professional level to coaching, training and school level….

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Why you should choose Playrite for your new surface.

Playrite aims to achieve and maintain market leadership in the sports surfaces market, by providing quality products and service of excellence through a constant development of people, products and processes….

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