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Playrite Leading the Way in Safety and Performance

At Playrite, we strive to deliver high-quality artificial grass solutions with a focus on performance and safety. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our products and practices, ensuring that we meet industry standards while prioritising environmental responsibility and occupational health.

At Playrite our BSI ISO 9001 certification symbolises our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality management. By adhering to ISO 9001 principles, we continuously refine our processes, ensuring that each Playrite product and service embodies excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Our ISO 14001 certification serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to minimising our environmental footprint while maximising efficiency. Through the implementation of stringent environmental management systems, we meticulously monitor and mitigate our impact on the environment at every stage of our operations. From the procurement of raw materials to the distribution of our products, Playrite remains steadfast in our commitment to eco-conscious practices that lead the way towards a greener, more sustainable future.

At Playrite, excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s our standard. Our BSI ISO accreditations epitomise our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, sustainability, and safety in everything we do. By adhering to these international standards, we not only enhance our products, services, and processes but also contribute to a brighter future.

With Playrite, expect nothing less than exceptional performance, reliability, and innovation — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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Why Playrite Excels in Manufacturing Artificial Surfaces for Sport and Leisure

When it comes to producing artificial surfaces for sport and leisure, Playrite emerges as one of the UK’s top manufacturer’s in the industry. With a legacy of innovation, precision engineering, and a commitment to quality, Playrite excels as the go-to choice for artificial sports surfaces. Check out why Playrite stands out:

1. Expertise and Experience

With decades of experience, the Playrite team has a wealth of expertise that allows them to understand how to engineer surfaces for a diverse range of sports and leisure activities that exceed expectations, setting new standards of performance and durability. Moreover, our influence extends to a number of  industry leaders who have benefitted from our training and teachings, now holding prominent positions within the sector.

2. Utilisation of Advanced Technology

Playrite prides itself on ultilising production facilities that rival our competitors with manufacturing processes, materials, and techniques to create surfaces that deliver optimal performance, resilience, and safety. From advanced shock absorption systems to superior traction and ball response, every aspect of a Playrite surface is meticulously engineered to enhance the playing experience.

3. Quality and Warranties:

Quality is paramount at Playrite as such we offer a minimum 5 year warranty on all of our surfaces. Adhering to rigorous quality control standards, we ensure each surface meets our specifications for performance, consistency, and longevity, ensuring our surfaces withstand intense use, delivering unparalleled value and peace of mind to our customers.

4. Customisation and Versatility

Recognising that every sport and leisure activity has its own unique requirements, Playrite offers a wide range of customisable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s a professional sports facility, a community playground, or a multi-purpose recreational area, we have the expertise and flexibility to design and manufacture surfaces that perfectly align with our customers’ vision and objectives.

5. Environmental Responsibility

Playrite is committed to implementing and eco-conscious practices (where possible), prioritising the use of recyclable materials, minimising waste generation, and reviewing energy-efficient manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint.

In a competitive landscape crowded with options, Playrite stands out as a leader in manufacturing artificial surfaces for sport and leisure. With a legacy built on expertise and innovation, we continue to raise the bar and  redefine the standards of excellence in our industry.

Discover the Playrite difference today and elevate your sporting and recreational experiences to new heights.

Outdoor Childrens Playground artifical surface Merstham 3

Merstham Primary School

Merstham Primary School, a proud member of the GLF group of schools, is committed to providing a nurturing environment where children grow, learn, and flourish. Located in London, the school embarked on a remarkable journey to revitalise their barren playground into a dynamic space where children could thrive.

Teaming up with Newby Leisure, approved Playrite partner, Merstham Primary School ensured that the playground design met the specific needs of their early years’ foundation team. The result was an inspiring outdoor play area featuring caves, streams, a mud kitchen, and sand areas, fostering exploration and imaginative play.

To withstand the diverse play elements, Newby Leisure recommended Playrite’s Nearlygrass 30, an artificial turf known for its durability, safety, and versatility. This choice allowed children to freely engage in sand, mud, and play in inclement weather without the inconvenience of a natural grass surface transforming into a muddy quagmire.

Headteacher Gavin Oulton commented, “The children adore their new play area, learning through play and having a blast. In fact, we now have difficulty getting them back into the classroom as they want to be outside all the time!”

The acclaim extended beyond the school, as the Mayor of Reigate and Banstead, Frank Kelly, officially inaugurated the playground, braving the snow. The children eagerly invited the mayor to return and experience the equipment firsthand.

Merstham Primary School’s commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience is evident in the transformation of their playground. Through imaginative play and exploration in this vibrant outdoor setting, students gain invaluable skills, forge lifelong memories, all while staying safe and clean thanks to the gentle cushioning of Nearlygrass 30 underfoot.

Ready to transform your playground into a dynamic space for learning and play?

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Product Information:

Playrite’s Nearlygrass 30 is a premium artificial turf designed for durability, safety, and versatility. With its gentle cushioning underfoot, Nearlygrass 30 provides a safe and clean surface for children to explore and play in any weather condition. Whether it’s sand, mud, or grass, Nearlygrass 30 ensures a hassle-free play experience, making it the perfect choice for school playgrounds, parks, and recreational areas.