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Artificial Rugby Surfaces

Artificial Rugby Surfaces & Pitches

If you’re looking to install an artificial 3G rugby pitch, we have the products, experience and service you need. We manufacture all of our own surfaces at our factory in West Yorkshire, and install them all over the UK. Our 3G rugby pitches offer a highly realistic playing experience; whether tacking, running or stepping and have significantly lower maintenance costs than a natural grass pitch.


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What is a 3G pitch?

The name 3G simply stands for ‘third generation’ - a new type of artificial, all-weather pitch using synthetic materials. These pitches are a significant improvement over early types of artificial pitches.

The way these pitches feel underfoot and the way the ball bounces offer a very realistic feel and a playing experience that is virtually the same as playing on grass. This type of pitch has now even been used for professional Rugby League and Rugby Union as well as throughout the amateur game.

How are 3G rugby pitch surfaces made?

The realistic feel of our pitches is created by using a tufted surface with an infill - typically made of sand, rubber or a combination of the two. The surface is constructed with a ‘pile’, much the same as a carpet, and then infilled to give the surface a very similar feel to a natural grass pitch.

We also recommend that a shock pad is used below the playing surface on all installations, as this helps prevent the surface from hardening. Over the long term, this will help maintain the natural feel of the pitch and ensure that it remains comfortable to play on.

What do you need to consider when looking for a 3G rugby pitch?

There are many things to consider when installing a 3G rugby pitch, of which the following are some of the more important ones:

  • Surface - For 3G rugby pitches, we offer a tufted monofilament playing surface with a sand and rubber infill. This surface closely replicates the playing experience of a natural grass pitch.
  • Maintenance - 3G pitches are cheaper to maintain than natural grass pitches, but you should still consider how you will manage the upkeep of the pitch and choose a surface that you can realistically maintain. We can advise you on the type and level of maintenance required for each of our surfaces.
  • Cost - Budget will of course be a key consideration, but with our range of playing surfaces, we can give you a number of different options to choose from in order to meet your budget.
  • Approval - The RFL and RFU now provide official guidance via Sport England on the following link; Guidance can be found here.

Why should you deal with Playrite for your 3G rugby pitch?

We manufacture our pitches in the UK and install them right across the country. Many have even been installed in other parts of the world. Here are some more reasons why you should consider working with us on your 3G rugby pitch project:

  • Experience - We have been installing sport and play surfaces since 1991, and our parent company National Floorcoverings dates back to 1873.
  • Quality - We manufacture all our own surfaces and are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited.
  • UV Stable - To ensure the longevity of our pitches, we use the highest UV Stabiliser in our fibres to minimise the effects of exposure to UV.
  • Tested - Our pitches are thoroughly tested to IRB standards, including their impact performance for player collision with the surface.
  • Peace of Mind - All of our 3G rugby pitches are backed by a minimum 5-Year Warranty.

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Artificial Rugby Surfaces & Pitches

Our Rugby Surfaces

Conqueror 60MP

  • Tufted monofilament 3G
  • Sand and rubber infill
  • UV stable
  • UK manufactured
  • Minimum 5 year warranty

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