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Multi Use Surfaces

MUGA surfaces are growing rapidly in popularity and we already have the expertise to help you make the best use of your facility for multiple sports and activities.

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We offer a wide range of MUGA pitches which are constructed from synthetic turf. If you’re looking to install a multi-use games area (or MUGA), we have all the products, experience and service you need.

Our MUGA pitches are suitable for a range of sports including rugby, football, hockey, tennis, basketball and much more. Our solutions have been installed in a number of schools and sports clubs up and down the country as well as exported for use abroad.

We manufacture our own high-quality surfaces in the UK and can advise on the construction and installation of your surface, through our network of specialist contractors. By working with us you can find the right surface at a competitive cost.

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Our MUGA Pitches

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A ‘MUGA’ is a multi-use games area, approximately under 1500sqm that accommodates a variety of multi sports.

  • What primary sports are to be played? 
  • What level of sport will be played? 
  • Is a low maintenance surface key to your decision? 
  • How often will the facility be used? 

Playrite offer 7 surface options, all have unique preference and playing characteristics.

This depends on the type of sports you require to play, if the primary sports require ball bounce such as tennis and basketball then no shockpad would be preferable. If football is to be the primary sport, a shockpad is recommended for protection when falling and to reduce ball bounce. 

Many tufted type surfaces are restricted on colour such as terracotta, light green and blue. Our needlepunch surfaces are readily available in over 12 colours and if the facility requires a specific pantone colour this also can be considered.

Maintenance is an important part with any synthetic surface, not just to enhance the visual aspect of the surface, maintenance plays a major part in offering a consistent playing performance throughout its life span. 


Artificial surfaces are cheaper to maintain than natural grass pitches. You must consider the costs involved in providing equipment and labour to maintain your surface.

Alternatively, the cost to employ a company to carry out routine maintenance visits every month or quarterly again depending on the type of surface.

3G surfaces are designed with a rubber and sand infill. This is to mimic natural football and rugby fields by producing a slow, low-ball bounce surface. Therefore if the MUGA is to be a general multi sports surface we would not recommend a 3G surface which is either rubber or sand filled. Unlike artificial turf products our MUGA sports surfaces are considered to be far more resistant to frequent wear and tear.

Playrite offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for any defects found in your surface; you must realise the smaller the MUGA the more durable the surface you require. On average a well-used MUGA of an area around 700sqm should last approximately 7 years, whereby an area in excess of 3000sqm should last 10 years minimum. Due to our superior in house manufacturing quality our synthetic products are considered to be more resilient than the traditional polymeric surface.

A MUGA is an all-weather synthetic turf carpet sports pitch that can be used all year round. Different surfaces provide variable drainage options, needlepunch is the most durable and will drain faster than a conventional tufted surface. It is not recommended to remove snow from your MUGA surface however generally a synthetic surface will thaw quicker than a hard surface such as tarmacadam (macadam surface).

Everything is possible and ways of amending the specification can result in the client affording a synthetic surface, needlepunch surfaces offer additional stability and therefore a compacted stone base with a shockpad would allow for a MUGA surface. Playrite work with consultants who specialise in the design of dynamic sports bases.

Our MUGA pitches are constructed from a synthetic carpet material which suits environments where a number of sports are needed to be played. If you are looking for something more specific we have a variety of artificial grass surfaces suitable for football and rugby. We also have a variety of sand dressed surface options which are more effective for sports such as tennis and hockey.

UK manufactured for 28 years

Playrite manufactures needlepunch, tufted and woven surfaces, all from our home in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. As the only UK company to manufacture all three types of artificial surface, Playrite is uniquely positioned to offer totally impartial advice on the type of surface to suit your needs.

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