Wellington Prep School

At the core of Wellington Prep School’s values is the encouragement given to the children to be curious, creative and compassionate.


Wellington Prep School


Wellington, Somerset
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Nurturing these values requires a stimulating and challenging environment where pupils can learn and develop their life skills not just within a classroom, but outdoors as well.

The school actively encourages pupils to embrace the outdoors with the introduction of sports from nursery levels upwards as part of the curriculum, and a vital part of this is having the right environment to thrive in.

Recently some areas of the school outdoor areas had become unusable and refurbishment was needed to bring some areas back to life. Wellington Prep contacted local playground specialists DBD play as they wanted to brighten up their play space and rejuvenate an unused area of their playground that was blocked off with posts.

They specified that this area had to be able to offer opportunities for nonphysical play and encourage communication and imaginative play.

DBD Play had installed Playrite’s MUGA surfaces at previous educational facilities and felt it would be an ideal solution to rejuvenate the unused areas. Specifying Playrite’s Matchwinner Velour in the bright and vibrant colour’s would highlight areas of interest within the ‘Trim Trail’ encouraging imaginative play and communication.

Playrite’s Matchwinner Velour surface is a sand dressed needlepunch surface, available in 14 different colours, and
enables designs to be inset into the surface which is ideal for primary spaces to make the area bright and bold.

Dan Brown, Playground Design Manager for dbd play, commented “With Playrite’s Matchwinner Velour vibrant
colours, it has enhanced the design and the overall experience for the children. We would highly recommend this surface for future projects.”

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