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Sutherland Memorial Park

With nearly 40 local teams using Sutherland Memorial Park’s sports pitches every
week, the council-run facility is a prized and highly used resource for the people of

Having been built in the 1980’s, the park’s tennis courts recently came to the end of their lifespan and after much consideration, it was decided that they would be upgraded with Playrite’s popular multi-use surface, Matchplay 2.

The Challenge

Although Sutherland Memorial Park is a council-run facility, its courts are regularly hired out to local sports clubs to provide extra revenue.

Due to the high level of usage required by the authority, when it came to selecting a surface Playrite was tasked with providing three tennis courts that were both resilient, robust and also suitable for football.

Although it is highly unusual to see tennis courts hired out for football use, Playrite manufacture a variety of surfaces that cater for multiple ball sports and recommended the company’s Matchplay 2 surface due to its hardwearing, durable nature and suitability for numerous sports.


The Result

Matchplay 2 is unique in the fact it allows both tennis and football to be played to a very high standard. The surface can also accommodate netball, basketball and hockey, should the need arise, making it the perfect solution for organisations with limited space or funding.

Cllr Ma Furniss, Lead Councilor for the Environment, said Playrite’s Matchplay 2 will allow the council to continue providing safe, high quality sport facilities for all.

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