Edenhurst Preparatory School

The main ethos at Edenhurst Preparatory School is to nurture, inspire and help their students to achieve.


Edenhurst Preparatory School


Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK
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The school truly want the best for their pupils, so when Head Teacher, Nick Copestick, got in touch looking to upgrade the school’s tired macadam surface we were only too happy to spend time helping him select a product to meet their unique sporting requirements.

The Challenge

The school’s new surface was required to be low maintenance, suitable for a wide variety of sports and manufactured in the UK, making Matchplay 2 the obvious choice.

Another influencing decision for the school was the fact the surface would be installed by local team, Bradley Surfacing Systems, who could be on hand at short notice.

The Result

The new surface, which is being used on a daily basis, has extended and enhanced the range of outdoor play facilities available to pupils.

There are so many things to consider when choosing a new synthetic sports surface. Durability, performance, maintenance; It can get confusing and becomes very easy to make a wrong decision.

Playrite try to guide their customers into choosing the best surface for their requirements, which is what we did when Head Teacher, Nick Copestick, contacted us to upgrade their tired macadam sports surface.

Mr Copestick is Head Teacher at Edenhurst Preparatory School, Newcastle Under Lyme, the school focus their main ethos on nurturing, inspiring and helping the students achieve. They want the best for the pupils and were very keen to introduce a new surface for their sporting requirements.

The surface needed to cover a wide variety of sports to be played on and yet low maintenance. Our Matchplay 2 was the obvious choice although Mr Copestick required convincing by our Rob Rhodes who demonstrated the unique playing characteristics along with all the benefits that Matchplay 2 has to offer in a high level sports surface including it’s low maintenance appeal.

Bradley Surfacing Systems were then introduced to Mr Copestick, who work alongside Playrite on a number of projects carrying out the installation through to completion in Autumn 2016.

Having recently received an update from the school who confirmed the facility is being used on a daily basis and that the new surface has added an extra dimension to the range of external facilities that they are now able to offer to their pupils and Matchplay 2 has been a great benefit in enhancing the schools outdoor play facilities.

One of Mr Copestick’s influencing decisions was the fact he could source the surface from a UK manufacturer and knowing the installation team are so local and can be on hand at short notice.

Another great example of MADE IN BRITAIN.

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