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Winner 15

Winner 15 is the preferred choice of the higher level tennis player that wants the fastest court pace with a positive grip, comfort and a degree of spin. A maintenance plan must be in place for any tufted tennis surface and all lines are tufted into the surface during manufacturing. The unique two-tone green and […]

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Suited for high level tennis players who want a faster pace, Grandplay is a monofilament polyethylene texturised yarn surface. Its unique surface provides unrivalled durability and performance. Grandplay has been designed on a 3/16 gauge to create a uniformed tuft density, which simulates a natural grass court with a positive grip underfoot, making it the […]

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Tournament 18mf

Tournament 18mf is a superior quality sand dressed tufted surface, designed with its unique texturised monofilament fibre to offer durability and comfort underfoot. Providing an excellent playing surface for sports such as hockey as well as being suitable for multi-sport use. Tournament 18 is available with inlaid lines to mark out a range of different sports. […]

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Champion 24

Champion 24 is a traditional sand filled tufted surface designed back in the late 90s as one of the first artificial grass surfaces. It is an all-round bullet proof system ideal for heavy use areas where by minimal maintenance will be carried out. Champion 24 is available in a choice of two fibre textures; polypropylene […]

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Conqueror 40

Conqueror is our 3G sports surface that mimics that of a natural turf area but with lower maintenance costs. Filled with sand and rubber, it will perform a professional playing standard for football along with recreational hockey, which can be prolonged with a regular maintenance schedule that we would always advise for any surface. We […]

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Matchwinner Velour

Matchwinner Velour is a sand dressed needlepunch surface designed with a random pile which benefits various ball sports that require a medium to low ball bounce. Available in 14 different colours, Matchwinner Velour enables designs to be inset into the surface which is ideal for primary spaces to make the area bright and bold. Matchwinner […]

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