Conqueror 60MP

Conqueror is our 3G sports surface range that mimics that of a natural turf area but with lower maintenance costs.

Filled with sand and rubber, it will perform at a professional playing standard for football. By following a regular maintenance schedule, the life of your surface will be prolonged.

We would recommend that a shockpad is used below the conqueror surfaces as this will help prevent the surface from hardening.


Product Features

  • Tufted
  • Sand Rubber Infill
  • UV Stable
  • UK Manufactured
  • Minimum 5 year warranty
  • IMS, IRB 22

Surface Colours


Technical Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

The name 3G simply stands for ‘third generation’ – a new type of artificial, all-weather pitch that is constructed with synthetic materials. They offer a very realistic bounce and ball roll, providing a playing experience that is virtually the same as when playing on grass. This type of pitch has even been used in UEFA Champions League games.

The realistic feel of our pitches is created by using a tufted surface, with a sand and rubber infill. The surface is constructed with a ‘pile’, much the same as a carpet, and then infilled with sand and rubber, which gives the surface a very similar feel to a natural grass pitch.

There are many things to consider when installing a 3G football pitch, and the following are some of the more important ones:

  • Surface – For 3G football pitches, we offer six options with three different pile heights. We will discuss your requirements with you to find the surface that gives the best playing experience for your needs. All of our football pitches are tufted, which is the only option to truly match the performance criteria of a natural pitch.
  • Maintenance – 3G pitches are cheaper to maintain than natural grass pitches, but you should still consider how you will manage the upkeep of the pitch and choose a surface that you can realistically manage to maintain. We can advise you on the type and level of maintenance required for each of our surfaces.
  • Cost – Budget will of course be a key consideration. With our range of playing surfaces, we can give you a number of different options to choose from in order to meet your budget.

We manufacture our pitches in the UK they are installed them right across the country. Many have even been installed in other parts of the world. Here are some more reasons why you should consider working with us on your 3G football pitch project:

  • Experience – We have been installing sport and play surfaces since 1991, and our parent company National Floorcoverings dates back even further.
  • Quality – We manufacture all of our own surfaces and are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited.
  • Accredited – Our 3G football pitches are independently classified as IATS (International Artificial Turf Standard) quality, equivalent to FIFA 1 star performance rating.
  • UV Stable – To ensure the longevity of our pitches, we use the highest UV Stabiliser in our fibres to minimise the effects of exposure to UV.
  • Peace of Mind – All of our 3G pitches are backed by a minimum

Yes, we recommend that a shock pad is used below the playing surface on all installations. This will help to prevent the surface from hardening, maintaining the natural feel of the pitch and preserving playing performance over a longer period of time. Incorporating a shockpad will also offer protection when falling and help to reduce ball bounce.

With a global distribution network, Playrite can export their surfaces abroad. To find out more about Playrite’s exporting capabilities, please click here.

Playrite work with numerous consultants who specialise in the design of dynamic sports bases and by amending a client’s specification slightly, anything can be possible.

Maintenance is an important part aspect with any synthetic surface, not just to enhance the visual aspect of the surface, but also to enable consistent playing performance throughout its life span. Artificial surfaces are cheaper to maintain that natural grass pitches. You must consider the costs involved in providing equipment and labour to maintain your surface against the cost to employ a company to carry out routine maintenance visits every month or quarter – dependent upon your type of surface.

Our needlepunch surfaces are all weather and can be used all year round. Needlepunch is the most durable method and will drain faster than a conventional tufted surface. It is not recommended to remove snow from the surface, however a synthetic surface will generally thaw quicker than hard surfaces such as tarmacadam.

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