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Champion 24

Champion 24 is a traditional sand filled tufted surface designed back in the late 90s as one of the first artificial grass surfaces. It is an all-round bullet proof system ideal for heavy use areas where by minimal maintenance will be carried out.

Champion 24 is available in a choice of two fibre textures; polypropylene or polyethylene. The polypropylene is a harder, heavy duty type yarn, whereby polyethylene is a softer texture and requires increased brushing. Champion 24 is a great selection when faced with shortage of space or limited funds.

Champion 24 can be fitted directly onto tarmac or equally with a Playrite shockpad to improve safety and longevity in the life of the surface.


  • Tufted Surface
  • Ideal for heavy use areas
  • Outdoor Surface
  • Available in 2 fibre options

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Champion 24 Surface Colours


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