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Grandplay: The Tennis Surface Of Champions

137 years on, and Wimbledon is still a thrilling as ever.

We’re now halfway through the 2015 instalment of the world’s greatest tennis tournament, and it’s proving to be as popular as always. Tennis has taken over once again, and here at Playrite, we love it.

While its main purpose is to showcase the biggest tennis talents from across the globe, there’s much more to Wimbledon than game, set, match. Year in, year out, the grounds buzz with energy and excitement. Huge crowds gather to get first-hand experience of the world famous event, cheering on the talents that grace the courts, whilst indulging in a Pimms and a punnet of strawberries! Wimbledon is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful game of tennis… And it’s also the perfect time for us to start talking about our brand new tennis surface.

Playing surfaces have a huge influence on how sport is played, and for tennis in particular, it’s crucial. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce the newest addition, Grandplay, to our tennis surface range.

A unique yarn structure helps make Grandplay one of the best sports surfaces on the market, and ensures that it exhibits the features that make for a great playing experience. An ideal tennis surface will produce accurate ball bounce, allow speed to be achieved, and prevent against skidding and injury – it’s not only true to the game, but safe for players, too.


The ultimate in tennis surfaces for both practice and play, Grandplay boasts unbeatable durability and excellent ball performance. It also looks and feels realistic, making for an even better playing experience. Our favourite feature of Grandplay, however, is that it’s suited to all skill levels. First timers, keen players and pros alike can enjoy the benefits of Grandplay, utilising its innovative properties for a great game of tennis.

We’re keen to see Grandplay installed at clubs across the UK, providing the perfect surface for our next Wimbledon champions to train on. After all, great British products shape great British players. Here’s to the next generation of Wimbledon champions!