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The process of exporting is in stages; it begins with the processing of the order, leads onto the production of the surface and finally ends with a quality check to ensure the surface is the best quality for our customers. After the surface has passed its quality check it can then begin its journey overseas.

A ‘MUGA’ is a multi-use games area, approximately under 1500sqm that accomodates a variety of multi sports.

What primary sports are to be played? What level of sport will be played? Is a low maintenance surface key to your decision? How often will the facility be used?

Playrite offer seven surface options, all with unique preference and playing characteristics.

Playrite offer a five year manufacturer’s warranty for any defects found in your surface; you must realise the smaller the MUGA the more durable the surface you require. On average a well-used MUGA of an area around 700sqm should last approximately seven years, whereby an area in excess of 3000sqm should last 10 years minimum.

Playrite work with numerous consultants who specialise in the design of dynamic sports bases and by amending a client’s specification slightly, anything can be possible.

This depends on the type of sports you will be playing on it. If the primary sports require ball bounce, such as tennis or basketball, then no shock pad would be preferable. If football is to be the primary sport then a shock pad is recommended for for protection when falling and also to reduce ball bounce.

3G surfaces are designed with a rubber and sand infill to mimic natural football and rugby fields. This produces a slow, low-ball bounce surface and therefore if the MUGA is to be a general multi-sports surface we would not recommend a 3G surface.

Many tufted type surfaces are restricted on colour such as terracotta, light green and blue. Our needlepunch surfaces are readily available in over 12 colours and if the facility requires a specific pantone colour this can also be considered.

Maintenance is an important part aspect with any synthetic surface, not just to enhance the visual aspect of the surface, but also to enable consistent playing performance throughout its life span. Artificial surfaces are cheaper to maintain that natural grass pitches. You must consider the costs involved in providing equipment and labour to maintain your surface against the cost to employ a company to carry out routine maintenance visits every month or quarter – dependent upon your type of surface.

Our needlepunch surfaces are all weather and can be used all year round. Needlepunch is the most durable method and will drain faster than a conventional tufted surface. It is not recommended to remove snow from the surface, however a synthetic surface will generally thaw quicker than hard surfaces such as tarmacadam.

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Our Projects


Shotley and Benfieldside Tennis Club

With a recent refurbishment of 2 courts at the beginning of 2020, the Shotley & Benfieldside Tennis Club started to encounter an increase in court usage. This inspired the club to consider a second phase refurbishment to replace the remaining 3 court surfaces.


Sandringham School

Sandringham school’s aim is simple—to be world-class. That means whenever possible, provide the best products and facilities in the school and this is why Playrite’s surface was chosen to upgrade their sports facilities.


University of Gloucestershire - The Park Campus

The University decided that an investment was needed for their grounds and they worked closely with Playrite and MUGA UK to decide that a new multi-use surface was just what they were looking for.


Hoddesdon Tennis Club

Hoddesdon Lawn Tennis Club has been in existence for more than 100 years, bringing the community together over the love of tennis.


Hodge Hill Girls School

In the Spring of 2017, the school approached Playrite to discuss a proposed scheme to upgrade an existing macadam playground of approx. 3000 Square Metres in size to a synthetic surface.


Thistle Lawn Tennis Club

PadelTech have developed a new concept of Padel courts alongside partners RedSport Padel and Adidas.


Oliver House

Oliver House School in London wanted to make their school stand out.


Towcestrians Sports Club

The club is a non-profit making club which offers excellent  multi-sports Facilities for Rugby , Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Netball The facility manages both competitive and recreational sports and  encourages involvement from all age groups and sectors of the community.


Edgbaston Archery & Lawn

Edgbaston Archery & Lawn Tennis society is the oldest lawn tennis club in the world and is very much proud of this fact.


Esher Tennis Club

Esher Tennis Club has a long history in providing grass-court tennis to the people in the Elmbridge Borough of Surrey and in 2017/18 they opened up a new stage in the development of tennis in the area.

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