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    1. How would you rate our sales managers?
    a. Frequency of visits
    b. Knowledge of products
    c. Reliability
    d. We would appreciate some feedback about how we compare to other manufacturers
    e. Would you prefer more or less visits
    2. How would you rate the sales & customer service team?
    a. Opening Hours
    b. Speed of answering calls
    c. Product Knowledge
    d. Personal Contact
    e. Overall Helpfulness of staff
    f. We would appriciate any feedback on potential areas that we can improve upon?
    3. How would you rate our samples / shade cards?
    a. Design / Ease of use
    b. Speed of delivery
    c. Our follow up - follow up delivery
    d. how do we compare to other suppliers
    4. How would you rate our services?
    a. Speed of delivery
    Extreamly Satisfied
    b. Reliability of delivery
    c. Stock availability
    d. Is there anything we could do better
    5. How would you rate our products?
    a. Quality
    Extreamly Satisfied
    b. Durability
    c. Production turnaround
    d. Is there anything we could do better
    After sales
    6. How would you rate our after sales service?
    a. Technical advice
    b. Credit control
    c. Is there anything we could do better
    7. How would you rate our communication?
    Extreamly Satisfied
    8. How would you like to receive future communication?
    9. We would love to know if there is anything else we can do better / or differently to improve your experience with us
    10. What marketing do you as a company undertake (Social media campaign, local or national advertisements, exhibitions etc).
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