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Playground Surfaces

Playground Surfaces

Playground Safety Surfaces

The best kind of safe playground surface is one that allows children to continue playing unobstructed, whilst still providing essential protection. After all, a child’s natural instinct is to climb, explore and sometimes to fall. With Playsafe we’ve designed an impact absorbing safety system with five varying levels of critical fall height, providing the right levels of safety for the equipment installed.


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Why Choose A Playground Safety Surface From Playrite?

With flooring suitable for all ages, from early years right through to key stage 1 and 2, a Playsafe system allows you to select the amount of safety required to suit specific needs and budgets whilst always putting safety first.

Made in the UK and tested to BS EN 1177 standards, Playsafe systems are completed with Matchwinner Velour – a low maintenance, vandal resistant, sand dressed top surface that is available in a range of 14 bright colours, which thanks to our laser cutting technology, can be custom designed to create fun and educational shapes and patterns.

Playsafe by Playrite offers an excellent alternative to natural grass, bark-covered areas, wet pour and asphalt, providing a surface that is soft underfoot as well as being durable in any weather.

Playground Safety Surfaces
Playground Safety Surfaces

Our Play Surfaces

Playsafe 12

  • Critical fall height up to 120cm
  • Ideal for young children
  • Early years level

Playsafe 17

  • Critical fall height up to 170cm
  • Ideal for younger children
  • Foundation level

Playsafe 20

  • Critical fall height up to 200cm
  • A great mid-level safety surface
  • Key stage 1 (ages 5-7)

Playsafe 27

  • Critical fall height up to 270cm
  • Ideal for high play equipment including swings and slides
  • Key stage 2 (ages 8-11)

Playsafe 30

  • Critical fall height up to 300cm
  • Ideal under higher climbing frames and tower units
  • Key stage 2 onwards
The Playsafe range is available in a choice of 14 vibrant colours.

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